Naru is the oldest child of Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno.  Naru is the protagnist and main hero of Kohonagakure: Will of Fire.

成る(なる)[Naru] means To Become.

渦まき(うずまき)[Uzumaki] means Swirl.

Background Edit

When Naru was born, Naruto and Sakura were surprised to see Kyuubi's whiskers on him. They went to see Tsunade for this and she explained that Kyuubi's chakra and Naruto's chakra is completely fused together. It was hereditary for Naruto's baby to have the Kyuubi's whiskers and possibly his chakra also.

As a child, Naru was respected as well as feared by the Konoha villagers. Naru was son of the current Hokage but also the host of a terrible Biju's chakra. Naru didn't hold any hatred for the village but did feel as thought he was being neglected. Naru never opened himself up to anyone except his family. At the age of five, he met Amaterasu 'Asu' Uchiha. At first Naru didn't like Asu because he was a crybaby. However he grew fond of him when he noticed that Asu was accepting Naru for who he was even when Naru explained that the whole village stays away from him. Naru started to be himself but still felt that he couldn't. He feared that the villagers would soon have so much fear that they would exile him. Naruto dropped Naru off at the Ichiraku Ramen Shop where he met Usho Umino. Naru asked Usho if he feared him but Usho told him he couldn't fear a runt like him. Naru and Usho fought for many days until Naru realized that Usho didn't fear him or hate him. Naru soon started to visit Ichiraku Ramen Shop often until Ninja Academy started. Naru did well with his ninjutsu but was terrible at quizzes and tests. Sakura introduced him to Shiichi Nara. She was his age and very smart. Shiichi didn't have any paitence for Naru so she was very strict on him. However, Naru's grades did improve to be average.

As a genin, Naru passed because he learned the Shadow Clone Technique from his father. He was partnered up with Asu Uchiha and Shiichi Nara. Their sensei was Usho Umino and their squad number was 5. Naru was often the one who did the hard work while Asu and Shiichi did lighter work because Naru had his Shadow Clond Technique and was never tired. Naru failed the Chuunin Exam twice and it was his third time that he was allowed to become a Chuunin. Naru always failed at the third round of the first two Chuunin Exam. The mission before his third try was Naru's biggest regret. Naru blames himself for the reason why Usho had his left arm torn off. Naru wanted to stop being a Shinobi to repent but Usho said he can repent if he became a chuunin after the third try. Sure enough he did but still regrets and learned from everything.

Personality Edit

Naru is a feminine, dependable shinobi. He tends to take proper care for himself in hygiene, hair, clothes, and organization. He walks with a firm back and lets his shoulder drops, which by Usho says he's a woman. Naru is tender and sensitive. He breaks down easily and can be hurt just as easily. Naru tends to look up to Usho being the headstrong male role model. Naru depends on others for his emotional support and cries when something terrible happens. He doesn't fear of outshowing his emotions or his female side. Naru trusts people often which is his downfall.

Naru is leader and doesn't seem to fear anything but weight gain. As a leader Naru lives by the saying "Take a little more of the blame and a little less of the credit". When he's not invovled in the conflict he's very just and helps to resolve fights in the own group or against another group. Naru doesn't result to violence often but to a compromise. He always makes someone give a little and take a little just so everyone can win. Naru doesn't get stressed with responsbilites but becomes a better manger. He manages his time and effort better and keeps the important things on top of his list.

Naru is full of hubris. He's proud of everything he does so he can be slightly egolisitc. He's not afraid to fight anyone about anything but he doesn't often start the fights. He usually gets invovles some how. When Naru gets competitive he can get stubborn and risky. Often with Koshiro 'Koshi' Aburame, he'll makes bets where the loser does somethings or the winner gains something.

Abilities Edit

Shadow Clone Technique Edit

Naruto thought Naru the shadow clone technique then the clone technique once he knew how to control his chakra. The most Naru can make are three clones at the same time and have a decent, equal amount of chakra. His shadow clones will disperse after one good hit received or when a great amount of chakra has been used. Naru finds this jutsu to be useful but doesn't use it often. It takes a toll on his chakra.

Chakra Enhanced Strength Edit

Naru's overall taijutsu is his chakra enhanced strength. He uses straight-forward tactics. Naru has excellent chakra control so he can use this strength whenever he needs it the most. Naru is intelligent enough to know when to or not to use it so he doesn't get his comrades injuried during the process.

Shadow Clone Strength Edit

This is Naru's combo of the Shadow Clone Technique and the Chakra Enchanced Strength. Simply, Naru makes his shadow clones and they all use their chakra enchanced strength to make an impact three times the damgae. The clones will disperse right after and his maxiumn is to do it twice a day.

Kyuubi Shadow Clone Strength Edit

This is exactly like Shadow Clone Strength with the improvement of the Kyuubi's chakra. When this jutsu is used, Naru's impact will be thirty times the damage of the Shadow Clone Techinque. Naru can do this once a week.

Toad Summon Skills Edit

Naru's exception skills in his chakra control allowed him to summon Gamabunta on his first try. Since his first try almost lead to his death, Naru hardly uses this skill. This skill is used when fighting other Summon Creatures or against a really big object.

Senjutsu Edit

Naru learned from Fukasaku after he learned how his Toad Summon Skills. Even though he learned quickly, Naru wishes not to use the Senjutsu unless put into extreme situations. He believes going in Sage mode horrifies his physical appearance and has many flaws.

Facts Edit

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years Old

Birthday: October 30

Sign: Scropio

Blood Type: B

Genin Age: 12

Chuunin Age: 15

Classification: Sage

Height: 5 Feet 3 Inches

Weight: 110 Pounds

Jutsu Type: Wind Release

Loyalty: Konohagakure

Team: Usho Umino; Amaterasu 'Asu' Uchiha; Shiichi Nara

Family: Naruto Uzumaki (Father); Sakura Uzumaki (Mother); Midori Uzumaki (Younger Sister)

Trivia Edit

Naru's hobbies are shopping and trying new things.

Naru's wish is to travel the world.

Naru's most favorite food is fruits.

Naru's least favorite food is ramen.

Naru's favorite word is "Freedom".

Quotes Edit

"I don't need to be a high-rank ninja to succeed in life" To Naruto

"It doesn't make me gay to be feminie!" To Koshiro 'Koshi' Aburame

"I think peace exists when there is war"